Helllloooo Beaut13Team!!

So I’ve recently purchased Colourpop’s Hello Kitty Limited Edition line and some gorgeous Spring and Summer lippie stixs. Check out these photos below as well as a detailed video of these lip swatches.



Hello Kitty Limited Edition- Konnichiwa
Hello Kitty Limited Edition- Date Mate
Barely There- warm-toned coral
Back Up- blue-violet Matte X
Skimpy- soft pinky nude
Trust Me- matte vivid true red Matte X

Prices range from $4-$6 on



My Maltese Puppy: Dog Haul

Hey Beaut13s!

I wanted to share with you all, the newest addition to my little family, Ghost.

Ghost is a purebred Maltese dog, all -white, and ALL MINE.

I bought him from a breeder that I found off of where you can search your desired breed, and then filter it by states. I found the website super helpful. Ghost was 9 weeks when we met. Please check out the video below to see Ghost and some puppy items he needed for his new home.

How To use Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover!

Check out the link below to see me demonstrate how to use coconut oil as an alternative to expensive makeup removers.


Coconut oil works wonders on the skin and easily removes any trace of makeup comfortably. It will also help with those lashes girl! Coconut oil takes my foundation, mascara and eyeliner off smoothly without any scrubbing or harsh materials rubbing against my eye. Massaging it into my skin, leaves it feeling smooth and silky!

You can use the the same kind of coconut oil  that is used in the kitchen or for your natural hair! 

Try it out and let me know your experience with it!


13 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List!

1.Get in to a good book! 

book, vintage, and bag image
Nothing like a new summer read!

2.Visit the Beach!

sea, pink, and beach image
Atleast ONE: come on!

3.Have a Spa Day!

bath, flowers, and spa image
Take a day to get your nails done, schedule your wax or massage, and just get some good rest and relaxation! Do this at a spa or do this for YOURSELF at home, make it a big deal.

4.Cool down by the Pool!

girl, summer, and pool image
Pull out that swimsuit you ordered online and layout by the pool, don’t forget to take cute photos!

5.Attend a concert

Artists love to tour in the summer, visit and purchase a ticket!

6.Try a new Hairstyle

janet jackson image
Summer is a great time to try out that new hairstyle or protective style. Try something new!

7.See a New Movie

captain america, civil war, and movie image
It’s still a great experience to see a movie in an actual theater. Go check out a new blockbuster hit!

8.Picnic at the park or not at the park!

best friends, bff, and friendship image
Take your girls or loved one to set up a fun and nice picnic, whether in the park or a nice area near home.


barbecue and food image
Yum! I can smell it now.

10.Visit a theme park

california and sunset image
Have some FUN!

11.Attend a Art, Music or Food Festival

quote and summer image
Look up some local events in your town and go to a new festival.

12.Day Party

balloons, party, and silver image
These can be so much fun and keep you busy during the day.

13.Take a summer ROAD TRIP!

summer, city, and sunglasses image


NEW: Summer GIVEAWAY for curly hair

In celebration of my website launch, and my 100 subscribers to YouTube, here is a summer giveaway!! See details below:

Here are the rules to the giveaway ending June 23rd:

1. PRESS SUBSCRIBE on my youtube channel: The winner MUST be a subscriber.

2. LIKE my facebook page or follow by blog:

3. COMMENT: Enter Me in the comment section below the youtube video, as well as a reason why YOU are beautiful…because you are!

Winners will receive 2 Full Size Shea Moisture products, 2 Full Size Motions Natural Hair Care products, and Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Leave in Conditioner samples!


Thanks again and tune in to see the winner announced at the end of the month!


Concert Review: Rihanna ANTI World TOUR

Rihanna’s last US tour stop for her ANTI world tour took place in Atlanta on May 18, 2016. After a postponement from the original March date, fans still filled Atlanta’s Phillips Arena in which Rihanna made sure to make the city feel special. She rung out emotional thoughts on how she was so happy to spend her last tour in North America with this particular crowd.


With an amazing surprise entrance to the middle of the arena, RihRih came out with her hit single Stay and Love the Way You Lie (Part II). Following these slower ballads, BadGalRiRi released the hood of her jacket and strutted her self along a flying walkway, which carried her to the front of the stage atop screaming fans heads. AMAZING! She was strutting, shaking, gliding, twerking, and dropping it low across the mid-air as if she was not atleast 30 ft up in the air! It was so daring and oh so sexy! The main stage was a beautiful all white set in which the band and background singers came from below the stage through the center of the set!


The crowd lit up as she performed her most famous hits like Better Have my Money, Rudeboy, Man Down, Diamonds, Umbrella, Work as well as the hooks to many of the well known features that have got her to 200 million albums worldwide like Live your life and All of the lights. She did nearly all of the ANTI album which fans sang out with her word for word and hit the high notes FOR her. She danced and had such a vibrant energy as she rocked out to her own songs as if she was just getting down in the mirror.

There was rarely time for fans to take a seat as she had about four costume changes in which her dancers would put on a whole other SHOW for us for about a minute and a half. They did that!

Overall, the show was highly entertaining, full of energy, fans took over and the beautiful RihRih was jamming with US.


maxresdefault (1)

13 Annoying Things People Do on Snapchat!


Now… Disclaimer: If I’m being honest with my self, I have been known to do some of these things from time to time, but I’M JUST SAYING! lol

1. Snapping And Driving(SAD): Okay, how dangerous of a thought are we to know that you already can’t drive the best (shady boots), but now your eyes are off the road long enough to queue up Snapchat, film yourself, caption it, post it, GEE WHIZ! Let’s be safe out here folks.

2. Snapping your every location: Ok, that’s nice your auntie, sister and cousin are getting off the plane, and now y’all are headed to Cheesecake Factory, your waiter’s name, what food you bought, which credit card you used, and how many times you got up to use the bathroom to take a pic in the mirror. Let’s just NOT do that.

3. Mouthing the words to every “hot” song with required duck lips and a filter: All this lip-syncing is just NOT a special talent, I’m sorry. Just make it a sing-along, entertain us. And if you can’t sing… no worries. DONT.

4. Snapping stories that last 35 minutes, in intervals: I mean come on, get to the good part! Snapchat is for those of us who can’t focus that long anyway.

5. Snapchat me that…NUDE: NAH! HECK NAW! #Blocked #curvegametoostrong

6. Bug your friends to watch your snaps: Know that your friends don’t live their life just to watch your every snap. “Girl, did you see my snaps last night?”

7. Snapping your daily meals: I mean…you do know that you can track your meals on something like MyFitnessPal right? But glad you’re eating your fruits and veggies!


8. Snapping and entire concert or performance: You didn’t bother to buy me a ticket, so don’t try to rub it in now! Ok, actually could you zoom in next time, I’m trying to see that sweat glistening off Chris Brown.

9. TMI Snaps: You know what I’m talking about…YOU KNOWWWW BETTER.

10. Car Radio Snaps: Now do we really need to see your dashboard when every basic song on the radio comes on? We have that station too.

11. Goodnight and Good Morning Snaps: Let’s just skip the salutations. We don’t need to go to bed and wake up with you everyday…and we’re not up with you anyways at 4:00 AM on a Monday!

12. Snapchat a direct message to your Story: Don’t you have your friends number? We don’t even know who that is…

13. Pausing real life moments: Let’s not pause a great moment in life just to post it on social media. Make sure you have time to really enjoy and embrace the moment. Take it in! And if us viewers can experience it from your perspective with you, then even better.

In Conclusion, we as a people have just GOT TO DO BETTER, all around.


Review: Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

Buying a ticket to see Beyoncé in concert is one of the most vital things you can do for yourself if you love live music, talent and entertainment. As one of the most top-selling tour performers, any ticket holder would be impressed with the show Beyoncé puts on at the Formation World Tour.maxresdefault

I attended the first of her Atlanta dates of the Formation World Tour (the next one is scheduled for September 26, 2016). The timely Beyoncé set the stage around 9:00 PM on the dot, only to bring about waterworks (literally), fireworks, and an energetic and enthusiastic performance like no other.

Preceding her arrival to the stage, DJ Khaled brought out all the hottest celebrities in town including TI, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, The-Dream, August Alsina, and more to his opening set. DJ Khaled got the city hype for about half an hour and then a dramatic wait time for the Queen Bey.

Beyoncé entered the stage to her lead single of the Lemonade album, Formation. Amidst the smoky entrance came that big black hat and a host of female dancers stating, “Welcome to the Formation Tour. How y’all feeling tonight? If you’re ready to have a good time tonight, say, ‘I slay!’ If you slay every day, say ‘I slay!’ If you know who you are, say, ‘I slay!’”

As the pandemonium set in, there continued to be footage from the Lemonade album, her new clothing line Ivy Park, and never before seen personal videos of Blue Ivy and husband (yes, still HUSBAND) Jay-Z. Not only did Beyoncé do material from her week-old album, in which Fans still sang WORD FOR WORD, she also pulled out some classic hits like Survivor, Me, Myself and I, Crazy in Love and much more.

I feel that this concert was truly for the fans, as she didn’t stick to just her hit singles (No, Single Ladies for Atlanta performance), she also did many of the songs that were on her albums but not usually performed live.

As the theme of female empowerment and loving yourself rang on, all you could do was SLAY with Beyoncé. She showcased her all female dancers and band throughout the show that truly brought to life the Female anthem Run the World (Girls).

My favorite part was the barefooted dancers and Beyoncé approaching a pool of water ON STAGE, (dangerous, yet brilliant) to perform with water at their feet, the sounds of the powerful Freedom (featuring Kendrick Lamar on the album).20160516_113919

Overall, the show was full of energy and excitement and the only question is now, do I go AGAIN?

If you have seen the show, what has been your favorite part of the tour???

Why I hate Grad School…but love it at the same time!

Okay, okay so grad school can be stressful, true indeed. I often find myself stressed before, during and after the semester, but I must admit I get excited when keeping in mind my end goal: a graduate degree.

Whether you enter grad school willingly and/or eagerly right after undergrad, or find yourself taking a break only to discover that you need a secondary degree….it is definitely an adjustment getting back into the swing of MORE school work.

What is there to do when you find yourself balancing work, a personal life, adult responsibilities AND school?

What happens when you are no longer that energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate student dedicated 100% to school?

Or those late night deadlines and strict grading from a professor?

What about that painful fear of attending grad school and NOT getting the salary or promotion you deserve? Not to mention further student loan debt! (Oh the STRESS!)

Well…here are some things to help US remember when we’re feeling anxious or tired of the grad school life:

  1. Isolation: You are not alone. Much of the feelings you are experiencing, we’ve all been through or going through NOW, TOGETHER. We can agree that if the struggle wasn’t real before, it definitely is NOW. It’s been done before and WILL be done again                                 
  2. Utilizing your support system: Lean on your family and friends! Our loved ones are here to keep us uplifted and help motivate us to be our better selves. Their influence can be so inspiring and that needed push to KEEP GOING! 
  3. Finding a mentor: Mentorship is such a helpful tool to utilize. We can learn so many skills such as leadership, networking, organizational skills, and even how to COPE with the program we’re in. In this transition, having a go-to person for advice can help a great deal.

4. Pace yourself: Be organized and prioritize to keep a good balance. Realize that if you need to turn down some events to dedicate more time to an assignment, do it. If you feel like you need more time to work on a project, don’t be afraid to ask your professor. Even if you feel you need some relief for a semester to renew your mind. Take a semester off!

5. Engage yourself: The material should be of interest to you since you chose it as your course of study. So try to be an active student in class. The more you involve yourself, you can relate it back to real life scenarios. Try to actually learn in the course and know that if you don’t understand, it’s OKAY! We have ALL read our classmates responses where they TRY  to sound intelligent but actually don’t MAKE ANY SENSE. (We can ALL be pretenders, lol)

6. Lastly, adjusting your mindset: Set your sights on the goal! Keep your perspective on the times when you were so impressed with the thought of grad school and not depressed with the realization that it’s not all you thought it would be. Realize that you are doing this for reasons that will benefit you and your career! FOCUS ON THE DREAM you have for yourself and MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Let’s all get this Schmoney. *Cardi B Voice*


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